SEO Checklist for 2013 (Infographic)

Search Engine Optimisation has changed heavily over the last few years which is why I’ve created this guide.

By following the below Infographic you will discover out-of-date tactics to avoid, what the Google updates mean and which strategies you should be using in 2013 and beyond.

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SEO Checklist for 2013

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14 Comments on “SEO Checklist for 2013 (Infographic)

  1. Bill Zientek

    Great post. All of this looks relevant and current. All of us are wondering what Google’s next big algorithm will be (and named). I think you’re right, in regard to targeting social media spam/trickery. Since Penguin was unleashed, that’s exactly where all the black-hatters have started spamming!

  2. It is really refreshing to find an Infographic that works both for the novice and for the expert … and this one does. I love the way you have clearly broken down the areas of SEO and allowed the reader to be able to focus on an area at a time. All too often Infographics look great but don’t deliver a clear message … the eyes dart about the image and the brain is scrambled by the incoherent message … often too much information for one infographic to deliver. I have been looking for a simple message to my clients to help them to understand the key elements of SEO, how they interact and how it is a long term strategy … in fact it will run the life of their business. Thanks Ben.

    1. Thanks Brian, I’m glad you found it useful. My aim with this one was definitely to provide value to both novice and experienced SEO’s so it’s great to hear it achieves this.

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