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Five Incredible Outreach Tools

Anyone who’s ever done any kind of blogger outreach before will know how laborious a process it can be. You can send email after email out to receive a handful of replies, most of which want to charge you top rates.

It’s common knowledge that the best kind of outreach results come from building long-term trusted relationships with other bloggers. For many though, finding the opportunities from which to build those relationships is the hardest part.

Of course there are communities full of bloggers and blogs just waiting to be written on waiting out on the net. Most of the time it is just a matter of searching high and low for the quality blogs which will accept your content.

It’s a Long and Winding Road

Popular blogger communities such as My Blog Guest and Blogger Linkup are the obvious choices for those looking to connect with similar minded bloggers. But what about those who are trying to look further afield? The best quality blogs may not always ask for guest posts, and have to be contacted and coerced into working with you.

Sound like a lot of effort?

Guess what, it is.

Luckily there are plenty of tools to help you along the way though. Listed below are five of my favourite, but the web is littered with incredibly useful tools and tweaks that you can use to aid you in your outreach process. With a little bit of research and a lot of trial and error, you’ll be able to find the right tools to make outreaching a much nicer experience.

Social Bro

If you’re interested in SEO, you’re probably following hundreds of industry related people on Twitter, if not thousands. You may not have realised it yet, but that’s a huge resource, right there inside your social circle.

Social Bro allows you to get more from your followers. This tool allows you to see where they’re from, who they work for and monitor their Twitter activity, among many other things. Outreach is all about building personal relationships right? Well what better way to get personal than to understand more about your followers.

You’ll be able to see when the best time to contact them is, tell what activities they’re into and get a thorough understanding of how to better connect with them.

Social Bro also has a fantastic search tool which allows you to factor in career, location and influence; making it even easier to connect with the right people.


Outreaching for gardening companies with high-quality blog but can’t seem to find anything that fits? Have you tried searching for big names in the gardening industry? Wefollow allows you to do exactly that. At its core it’s an influential people search engine, allowing you to search for people who are prominent in certain sectors.

You search by interest and Wefollow shows you the people it’s deemed most influential relating to that topic. It analyses each of its user’s web presences to give you a wide selection of people across all sectors.

It also informs you if the people you’re searching for are influential about any other topics, allowing you to get a great idea of what they’re into before you contact them.


This easy to use data-mining service takes all the hassle out of outreach. You simply have to enter in the tags and keywords you’re interested in blogging about. Outreachr will analyse your search and deliver a list full of influential sites and blogs taken from its extensive database complete with social and contact details.

Any extra contact details you collect are then added to the database, meaning its constantly expanding and updating. Outreachr turns the often laborious ‘discovery’ phase of outreach into a streamlined, easy to manage process.


As mentioned before there are plenty of communities that bloggers can join to get their content online, PostJoint is one such community that really stands out though.  Whilst PostJoint isn’t necessarily a tool per se, it is a highly professional service.

If you’re looking to get work on top quality blogs then I suggest you sign up right away, as unlike most it’s yet to be hit with the waves of spam that riddle other, more well-known communities.


I know what you’re thinking, “TweetDeck is a Twitter app; it’s not for outreach!” That, ladies and gentlemen, is where you’re so very wrong. Not only is Twitter itself a highly useful outreach tool in itself (as you’d have no doubt learnt already Social Bro), but you can use apps like TweetDeck to streamline the whole outreach process.

It’s the columns and the usability that make this tool so brilliant. You can use hash tag searches like #JournoRequest to locate bloggers looking for guest posts. You can then use TweetDeck to monitor those tweets by adding an entirely separate column, or feed, devoted to them.

This can also be used to monitor people in the industry, see what people are saying about a particular topic, and take note of trending themes, all simultaneously.